Corporate customers


Experience shows that even a solid company that has this facility, contain its own fleet of vehicles to meet different needs of employees - not profitable from a financial point of view. After all, a car, of course, requires appropriate accommodation conditions, periodic maintenance, and the payment of wages for drivers is another major item of expenditure. Get rid of all these concerns, as well as reduce the cost of the process of transportation of employees to help corporate taxi.

- Applications of corporate customers are served on a priority basis;
- Flexible pricing (the more travel - the more discount);
- Cars "BUSINESS CLASS" at the price of "economy class";
- Fixed cost of travel and improving the enforcement of the tariff;
- For each corporate client secured personal manager to fully support your agreement to solve all the issues arising in the course of work;
- Details as trips to the provision of all necessary documentation;
- Monitoring the flight at the airport and the train's arrival, so you can not pay for waiting service possible by bank transfer without a contract, and cooperation on the basis of the agency contract, to do this, just contact us by phone!


Department on work with corporate clients tel.: (812) 386 11 60 or our operator: tel.: (812) 33 33 2 33 (812) 33 33 6 33.