On-line Taxi order
We offer the possibility to book a taxi through the site by filling a special form
Service "Taxi Suite" - a perfect combination of price and quality of services, and a wise choice in St. Petersburg. If you need to get to your destination, we collect phone 33-33-2-33, 33-33-6-33, or do the same on-line order directly from the site. We are there for you around the clock! Our service - one of the best in town. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services, in what could be sure every customer receives the least number of times "Taxi Suite." Travel in public transport to cultural capital are time and deliver a set neudobstv.Izbavtes of all these problems, taking advantage of one of the oldest city services. Whether driving rain, if you're late to the airport or train station, you come back with a shock party, "Taxi Suite" takes you to the right place in the shortest possible time. We only tidy, reliable cars and the only professional, courteous drivers who know the labyrinths of the cultural capital, like a book. When driving a pro, St. Petersburg becomes accessible and affable!